In April 2021, Isuzu Motors Limited, Hino Motors, Ltd., and Toyota Motor Corporation established Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies (CJPT), a new company, with the aim to accelerate the implementation and spread of CASE in society to help address various difficulties facing the transportation industry as well as help achieve a carbon-neutral society. Suzuki Motor Corporation and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. joined the partnership in July 2021. Among the many lessons at real logistics sites since CJPT was established, there has been a renewed awareness of both the magnitude of the challenges facing the transportation industry, such as the social cost of carbon neutrality and increased burden on workers and drivers, as well as the importance of working together with society to address these issues. Together with its partners, CJPT will accelerate its efforts with a focus on logistics efficiency and electrification.


Beyond Zero

"Achieving zero, and adding new value beyond it"

As part of efforts to pass our beautiful "Home Planet" to the next generation, Toyota has identified and is helping to solve issues faced by individuals and overall society, which Toyota calls "Achieving Zero," hoping to help reduce the negative impacts caused by these issues to people and the environment to zero. Additionally, Toyota is also looking "Beyond Zero" to create and provide greater value by continuing to diligently seek ways to improve lives and society for the future.

About Beyond Zero