Sold and used in more than 180 countries worldwide, the Hilux is a cherished and reliable partner. We would like to share some stories from Hilux owners in Malaysia.

TAN CHUN LAI, Age 28, Penang, Malaysia

"Hilux tougher than you can imagine"

I bought Toyota Hilux 2.4G in 2016 right after UMW Toyota Motor launched it in Malaysia. Before I got it, I was using a small car but when I saw the new Hilux, I really wanted it! I thought it would be ideal for carrying the heavy things which I use for work.

The Hilux is not just an ordinary pick-up as it has a strong character in its design which differentiates it from others. So far, after 2 years, I am still satisfied with the durability and build quality of the Hilux. Its body has a solid feel and the suspension is strong enough for heavy loads.

It's the first time we have a Hilux in our family and I am proud to be an owner. When my friends ask me to recommend a good vehicle for their business use, I always recommend the Hilux as first option. It is a strong truck and my reliable 'business partner'!


ENGKU ISMAEIL ENGKU INDONG, Age 30, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"My Reliable Buddy"

I bought my Toyota Hilux in 2008 after hearing many stories from my friends and reading positive reviews about it on websites. It really attracted me and I just had to get one for myself!

My Hilux looks tough and rugged with big roll bars and a black finish. It's a big vehicle but it handles well for a truck. And to be frank, I didn't buy it just for how it looks. I bought it for how it operates. I can tell you the structure is very strong and that is why this truck is best for working purposes. The maintenance costs are also reasonable and it is easy to service.

After 10 years together, this Hilux is like my best friend and I want to keep it for sentimental reasons. It is still a pleasure to drive it and is such a nice pickup truck. If and when I need to get a new truck, I would definitely choose a Hilux again!


NABIL BIN ZAMZAMZAIRANI, Age 27, Selangor, Malaysia

"Good Family Companion"

The Hilux that I currently own is really close to my heart. The vehicle was passed down to me by my father and I really enjoy driving it as it is a very practical vehicle.

Before we had the Hilux, our family often had difficulties carrying heavy items and did not feel safe to drive in bad road conditions. Two of my father's friends that owned a Hilux advised him to buy this vehicle. Indeed this vehicle was the perfect solution to our concerns. The Hilux has a robust body, good build, quality and is reliable. With the Hilux, we have a peace of mind to tackle off-roads during bad weather conditions due to the Hilux 4x4 capability and high ground clearance.

We have had some of our best memories with the Hilux. Once, our family was preparing for overseas travel and there were so many bags to be carried to the airport. The Hilux's large deck enabled us to carry everyone's luggage in one go without any problems even though the load was really heavy.

I am glad that my father took his friends' advice to buy this vehicle. Apart from the reliability of the vehicle itself, we also experienced excellent after sales service for the vehicle. I am proud to drive a Toyota Hilux.