Hilux Caravan

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. is the first to initiate pickup caravan journey that continues its legacy for a long time, especially for the Hilux pickups. The legendary journey commenced in 2004 with the long trip from Thailand to the land of enchantment that every globetrotter dreams of. The voyage started from Thailand through high mountains and steep cliffs in the north of Laos before entering the jade dragon snow mountain in Lijiang, China. After that, in 2005, the Hilux Caravan resumed its journey from Lijiang across the towering peaks of 5,000 meters to Lhasa in Tibet autonomous region which is nicknamed the "Roof of the World". In 2007, the Caravan continued its memorable journey across the most ancient land trade route of Silk Road to the center of Central Asia―Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Hilux Caravan

In 2016 the journey marked the new chapter in the history by showcasing the world-class performance and quality of Thai-made pickups. Nine Hilux Revo pickups will set out on the Silk Road voyage from Bangkok to Italy. To continue previous celebrated Silk Road journey, this time the team travel for over 19,250 kilometers, across two continents and seventeen countries. This trip unveiled the supreme experience of Toyota Hilux Revo, as well as demonstrating the vigorous performance of its suspension system, presenting the exceptional traction control of its latest suspension in line with its robust engine that will drive the vehicle on all kinds of terrain."

Hilux Caravan

1st Section

Bangkok, Thailand―Dunhuang, China

The route of ASEAN towards the land of civilization in People's Republic of China. Travel from mountains to grassland and to the source of Yellow River.

Total distance is over 4,970 kilometers.

2nd Section

Dunhuang, China―Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Travel on China's Silk Road to witness the ancient markets in the desert towards Central Asia.

Total distance is over 3,140 kilometers.

3rd Section

Tashkent, Uzbekistan―Tehran, Iran

Known as the pearl on the Silk Road, Central Asia connects Europe and Africa, across the origins of the Arabian Nights to Persia.

Total distance is over 3,990 kilometers.

4th Section

Tehran, Iran―Istanbul, Turkey

Travel on the Persian route from the Middle East trade center across the historical land of Trojan War towards the city that lies in two continents.

Total distance is over 3,710 kilometers.

5th Section

Istanbul, Turkey―Venice, Italy

The ancient trade route is located in the border of two continents. Travel through Alps to "Venice", the city of canals that is known as Queen of The Adriatic.

Total distance is over 3,440 kilometers.