"The UAE is the perfect playground where adventure is just around the corner. From the sandy red deserts, beachside bonfires, rugged mountains and towering urban vistas―never has there been a better place for the Hilux Xtreme to feel at home.

The 2017 Dubai International Motor Show was the perfect platform to debut the possibility of what the Xtreme lineup is capable of mastering. True to the WAKU DOKI spirit of power and play; this one-of-a-kind beast was customized with the help of our local partners at Arctic Trucks and NSV.

Wrapped in a glossy green color and with its carbon fiber inserts, the Hilux Xtreme is a real head turner, a machine that has evolved from an already great off-roader to a vehicle desired by the most daring. In its habitat in the wild, the Hilux Xtreme has the stance that can scare away even the bravest.

There is simply no other match!"