Let's Experience Travel with Camatte Journey!

Tokyo, Japan, June 1, 2018―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) will exhibit a booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2018, where parents and children can gain hands-on experience with travel simulation in the Camatte Journey. The event will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days, from June 7 to 101.

Toyota has been exhibiting a series of Camatte2 concepts at the Tokyo Toy Show every year since 2012, to create a sense of joy and excitement around motor vehicles in the next generation, to encourage parents and children to become more familiar with cars, and to demonstrate new values through the craft of making cars.

At this year's show, Toyota will exhibit a travel experience zone. Children will have the opportunity to experience the joy of simulated travel through scenic imagery projected onto a 220-degree surround screen inside the zone.

The car driven3 inside the Camatte Journey travel experience zone is an adapted travel version of the 2017 "Camatte Petta." Specifically, stickers from various travel destinations will be attached to the outer panels of the car, and a travel bag will be placed on the back of the vehicle.

Concept image of the Camatte Journey at the Toyota booth
Concept image of the Camatte Journey at the Toyota booth

This year's booth will also display the "Camatte 57s Sport" (from the 2013 exhibition), and children unable to participate in the travel simulation experience will be able to ride in the Camatte 57s Sport.

Outline of the hands-on experience

Camatte Journey

  1. Children learn the position of the accelerator and brake pedals using a tablet.
  2. Children drive the Camatte Petta (travel version) on the straight-running course to the travel experience zone (approximately 7 meters).
  3. In the travel experience zone, images from various4 travel destinations are projected onto a 220-degree screen, simulating the experience of travel.
  4. After the travel simulation experience, the children return by driving in reverse on the straight-running course.

Overview of the Camatte Petta

  • Camatte Petta (travel version)
  • Camatte Petta (travel version)

Camatte Petta (travel version)

Main Specifications

Length Width Height Wheelbase Seating Capacity Powertrain
3,075 mm 1,235 mm 1,315 mm 1,800 mm 3 Electric Motor
ReferenceOverview of the Camatte series to date

Toyota exhibited the first Camatte vehicle in 2012. The first Camatte Sora could be driven by children, who could also customize its colors and style using easily removable and installable body panels. In 2013, Toyota debuted the Camatte 57s, with the exterior body consisting of 57 detachable small panels that could be assembled like a puzzle. In 2014, Toyota displayed the Camatte Lab, which allowed children to display pictures they had drawn on the hood of the car while getting an up-close look at the inner workings of the car at the booth. In 2015, Toyota exhibited the Camatte Hajime along with the Camatte Vision, which employed AR5 in order to enable children to enjoy a simulated experience of driving through town in a car specified to their liking. The Camatte Capsule, a trailer with a customizable interior space, was exhibited in 2016. In 2017, a booth where children could experience driving the Camatte Petta that they had decorated in their own style was exhibited for the first time.

1Buyer days: June 7-8; Public days: June 9-10

2The name Camatte is based on the Japanese word for caring, and is meant to signify "caring for others" and "caring for cars."

3Children must be at least 130 cm tall to drive the Camatte Petta.

4Cherry blossom lined roads, new spring foliage, snowy roads, and more.

5Augmented Reality is technology that displays virtual information in addition to real world imagery.