MONET Technologies Inc.
SoftBank Corp.
Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota City and Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 2019―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and SoftBank Corp. (SoftBank) have completed investment in their joint venture, MONET Technologies Inc. (MONET), with full-scale operations commencing today.

Specifically, of MONET's three main business domains―1) on-demand mobility services, 2) data-analysis services, and 3) Autono-MaaS*―the joint venture will first roll out on-demand mobility services. On-demand transportation through regional partnerships and corporate shuttles will begin in fiscal year 2018 through cooperation with local public agencies and private companies.

The objective of MONET is to help realize a safer and more comfortable mobility society by combining SoftBank's corporate philosophy, "Information Revolution—Happiness for everyone," with Toyota's vision of "Mobility for All."

Outline of MONET Technologies Inc.

Company name MONET Technologies Inc.
Logo MONET logo
Head office address 1-9-1 Higashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
President and CEO
Junichi Miyakawa
(Representative Director & CTO, SoftBank Corp.)
Representative Director, Vice President, & COO
Yoshihide Shibao
(Project General Manager, MaaS Business Division, Connected Company, Toyota Motor Corporation)
Keiji Yamamoto
(Executive Vice President, Connected Company, Toyota Motor Corporation)
Ryuji Wakikawa
(Vice President, Advanced Technology Division, Technology Strategy Unit, Technology Unit of SoftBank Corp.)
Number of employees About 70 (as of February 1, 2019)
Capital 2 billion yen (to be increased to 10 billion yen in the future) (including capital reserve)
Share structure
SoftBank Corp.
Toyota Motor Corporation
Details of business
  1. On-demand mobility services
  2. Data-analysis services
  3. Autono-MaaS* businesses

"Autono-MaaS" is a new word created by combining "Autonomous vehicle" and "Mobility as a Service (MaaS)." It describes mobility services that use autonomous vehicles provided by Toyota.

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