Tokyo, Japan (9 September 2019)―The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) and the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) are launching a grant program to support automobile dealers who deliver support services to meet local communities' needs in Japan and will initiate a call for proposals starting November 1st on the JADA member's website.

In areas where public transport has been shrinking due to depopulation and aging, which are some of the challenges facing Japan, mobility issues cause negative impacts on the quality of life, particularly for older adults obligated to return their drivers' licenses and children. Similarly, people with disabilities find themselves tackling transportation challenges, regardless of region.

Because of this, the Toyota Mobility Foundation is collaborating with JADA, whose membership body consists of auto dealers that go beyond their business activities to make contributions to their local communities and spans throughout Japan, to call for participants to support activities related to regional services such as transportation. In addition, the partnership plans to introduce best practices, learnings and tools in order to share knowledge with those trying to carry out similar activities.

Outline for grant program

Applicant Eligibility Automobile Dealers who are members of the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)
Funding Allocation Max is ¥20 million per project, Total budget¥500 million
Number of projectsTBD (will be adjusted between applied amount and total budget)
Funding Period One to two years
Project Targets Projects including following (1)-(3) activities aiming to resolve local mobility issues
  1. Local services, such as transportation, that contribute to the community
  2. Clear goals
  3. Sustainability plan to continue the service after termination of the grant
Screening Method Selection by a committee composed of experts of industry, academia, and regional public policy, transportation, and welfare
Application Period 1 November 2019 to 31 January 2020 (5pm Tokyo)
Detailed information and documents will be provided on the JADA members' website.

About the Japan Automobile Dealers Association

JADA was established in 1959 as a nationwide organization of automobile dealers in order to sound automobile diffusion and solve related issues. In the sales industry that plays a part in the automobile industry, which is a key industry of Japan, we are always committed to customer-first principles, aiming to stabilize the management of member dealers and improve the social status of dealers. Furthermore, we are conducting various activities from a broad perspective, such as serving the society extensively, promoting road safety, such as environmental conservation and the development of automobile transportation infrastructure.

About the Toyota Mobility Foundation

The Toyota Mobility Foundation was established in August 2014 to support the development of a more mobile society. The Foundation aims to support strong mobility systems while eliminating disparities in mobility. It utilizes Toyota's expertise in technology, safety, and the environment, working in partnership with universities, government, non-profit organizations, research institutions and other organizations to address mobility issues around the world. Programs include resolving urban transportation problems, expanding the utilization of personal mobility, settling energy issues, and developing solutions for next generation mobility.