Through an on-site inspection conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino) has been found to have committed additional wrongdoings related to applications for engine emissions certification, in addition to the previously announced wrongdoings (announced on March 4 and August 2 of this year).

  1. Findings

The following facts were found in the emission performance deterioration endurance tests conducted by Hino on all of the company's vehicle engine models subject to the 2016 emission regulations in Japan (Post-Post New Long Term regulations).

  1. At some measurement points, the number of emission gas measurements was insufficient when two or more measurements were required.
  2. The deterioration correction values were calculated based on data from a single measurement, whereas these figures need to be calculated based on data of multiple measurements.

  1. Impact on Toyota vehicles and the company's actions

The engine models subject to the wrongdoings identified this time include the 4-liter diesel engine model 'N04C (with HC-SCR system)', for which no wrongdoings have been confirmed so far. This engine model is used in the following Toyota vehicles, which are OEM-supplied vehicle models by Hino.

Subject vehicles

Vehicle model 2-ton "Dyna" and "Toyoace"* (Cargo, Dump)
Production period Since the model year change conducted in May 2019
Number of units produced Approx. 19,000 units
Production plant Hamura Plant, Hino Motors, Ltd.
* Sales of the Toyoace model have already ended.

Suspension of Shipments

Hino, the OEM supplier of the subject vehicles, suspended shipments of the 2-ton Dyna (Cargo, Dump) today, which is currently on sale.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in the delivery of vehicles to customers whose orders have not yet shipped or who are considering the purchase of a vehicle.

Actions for already-sold vehicles

Although technical verification by Hino has not identified any possibility that the emission gas regulation values have been exceeded, Hino is working on further confirmation, including whether or not any action is required.

We apologize for any concern this issue may cause to customers currently using the subject vehicles.

The findings identified this time do not impact driving functionality and pose any safety concerns.

  1. Toyota's stance toward the findings identified this time

Following the March 4 announcement, on August 2 of this year, Hino already announced extensive additional wrongdoings as an 'overview of the misconduct' resulting from a full investigation by the Special Investigation Committee and the company. We consider it an extremely grave matter that further wrongdoings have been found this time through an on-site inspection by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Akio Toyoda, President and Representative Director of Toyota Motor Corporation, commented on this matter as follows.

"As the parent company as well as a shareholder of Hino Motors Ltd., we are extremely disappointed that Hino has once again betrayed the expectations and trust of its stakeholders with the revelation of a new round of wrongdoings. Having continued a number of wrongdoings in the area of engine certification, Hino is now in a situation where it is questioned whether the company will be trusted by its stakeholders. Based on this recognition, we will closely watch whether Hino can be reborn as a company worthy of the trust of its stakeholders."