Due to a malfunction in the production order system that occurred during the daytime yesterday (Monday), our operations have been suspended at some domestic plants from the first shift of August 29 (Tuesday) and at 28 lines in all 14 plants from the evening shift of the same day.

Production is expected to resume at 25 lines in 12 domestic plants, with the exception of the Toyota Motor Kyushu Miyata Plant and the Daihatsu Kyoto Plant. The resumption of the system from the first shift tomorrow will be a temporary measure, with operations expected to resume in all plants from the second shift onwards.

It is our understanding that the malfunction of the system was not caused by a cyberattack. However, we will continue to investigate the cause.

We would like to apologize once again to our customers, suppliers, and related parties for any inconvenience caused by the suspension of operations.