• Pursuing a balance of exhilarating driving with a fun, refined lifestyle while living in harmony with nature.
  • The "NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept" showcases the fun of vehicle customization and inspires an adventurous lifestyle
  • The "ROV* Concept" offers the joy of connecting with nature and a unique driving experience unlike any passenger car
  • Display includes 1/3 scale Lexus aircraft model of Yoshihide Muroya's who will be participating the World Championship Air Race this year
NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide) / ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)
NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide) / ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)

Lexus will debut the "NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept" and "ROV Concept" for the first time at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City) for three days from January 14 (Fri.) to 16 (Sun.), 2022.

The two concept vehicles on display are models that embody Lexus' efforts to realize a carbon neutral society, expand customer choices, challenge to suggest diversifying and expanding lifestyles, and provide new values that exceed expectations. The aim is to balance the refined lifestyle and driving pleasure that cars provide our customers, while living in harmony with nature.

NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide)
NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide)

The NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept is based on Lexus' first PHEV model that went on sale in November 2021, the NX 450h+. The BEV and PHEV modes offer refined driving performance and excellent environmental performance that reduces CO2 emissions, as well as reliable driving performance by electric motor on low-friction roads. The body inspires an adventurous lifestyle with its lifted platform, off-road running all-terrain large diameter tires and beautifully finished customized bronze and matte black paint scheme.

ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)
ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)

The ROV Concept goes beyond traditional on and off-road driving along with its compact body and aims to provide a driving experience in nature unlike any passenger vehicle. In addition, it is the first Lexus vehicle to use a hydrogen engine, making it environmentally friendly while still providing stimulation and excitement made possible only through the vibrations of an engine-powered vehicle.

* Abbreviation for Recreational Off highway Vehicle. A concept car that aims to offer an enjoyable automotive lifestyle while living in harmony with nature. The ROV goes one step further into places where even off-road vehicles cannot go, all while providing excellent response and exhilarating sound that stimulates the five senses.

A 1/3 scale model of Yoshihide Muroya's Zivko Edge 540 V3 airplane will be displayed. Muroya will be participating in the Air Race World Championship this year with the "Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing" team. Lexus and air race pilot Muroya have signed a team partnership agreement and they will further accelerate their joint efforts so that they could quickly link technologies and know-how of both sides to develop racing machines as well as the racing operation. Under the new team structure, Lexus strives to make history with Muroya to win the first championship of The Air Race. Lexus will also utilize its aerodynamic, cooling, and weight-reduction technologies and know-how gained through grueling air races to create ever-better cars for the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing
Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing

NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept Overview (Custom parts added to base vehicle NX 450h+)

Key Specs

  • Base Vehicle
    Lexus NX 450h+
  • Body Size
    Length 4,660 mm x Width 1,865 mm x Height 1,675 mm
  • Powertrain
    2.5 liter In-line 4 cylinder Plug-in Hybrid System [AWD]
  • Front motor / Max output / Max torque
    (5 NM) / 134 kW (182 PS) / 270 Nm (27.5 kgf m)
  • Rear motor / Max output / Max torque
    (4 NM) / 40 kW (54 PS) / 121 Nm (12.3 kgf m)
  • Drivetrain System
    E-Four (Electronically controlled all-wheel drive system)

Body Color

  • Iron Oxide


  • Smoked Lexus emblem
  • Matte black painted grille


  • Smoked door mirror visors, window / belt moldings
  • Matt black painted door handles
  • 265/65R17 All-terrane tires & 17 x 7J wheels


  • Smoked vehicle name badge, Lexus logo


  • Matte black painted roof rails
  • Matt black painted carrier basket

ROV Concept Overview

Key Specs

  • Body Size
    Length 3,120 mm x Width 1,725 mm x Height 1,800 mm
  • Powertrain
    1.0 liter In-line 3 cylinder DOHC4 valve
  • Fuel
    Compressed Hydrogen Gas
  • Transmission
    Sequential Paddle Shift + Reverse
  • Drivetrain Type
    Selectable 2WD & 4WD with Diff Lock
  • Passengers

Main Features


  • The 1.0-liter hydrogen engine stores compressed hydrogen in a high-pressure tank and precisely injects hydrogen via direct injectors. The result is an environmentally friendly engine that produces high response torque from the fast-burning hydrogen, as well as vibrations unique to engine powered vehicles for an exhilarating driving experience. In addition, engine oil consumption during driving is kept to a minimum, resulting in virtually no CO2 emissions.

Driving Performance

  • Utilizes a rugged pipe frame with a lightweight and compact body
  • Incorporates the "Lexus Driving Signature"
  • Utilizes a sequential paddle shift + reverse transmission and a selectable 2WD & 4WD with differential lock drivetrain system. Achieves dynamic off-road driving performance while offering high response from the hydrogen engine.



  • Protection / cage suitable for any wilderness environment and off-road tires for driving on muddy roads.
  • Utilizes a front grill that protects passengers while expressing the design language of the next-generation Lexus. The front fenders also prevent stones and mud from splashing upwards.
  • The suspension cover that connects to the rear hydrogen fuel tank not only protects functional components, but also references the durability inherited from Lexus SUV's.
  • The L-shaped front headlamps / rear combination lamps, and the rear "LEXUS" logo adopted from the new NX showcase the design language of the next-generation Lexus.
  • The body color is Iron Oxide.


  • Pushes and utilizes simple metrics that allow the driver to instantly access important information so they can focus on driving.
  • Equipped with a high quality leather steering wheel, refined shift knob, durable and sturdy synthetic leather seats.
Beyond Zero

"Achieving zero, and adding new value beyond it"

As part of efforts to pass our beautiful "Home Planet" to the next generation, Toyota has identified and is helping to solve issues faced by individuals and overall society, which Toyota calls "Achieving Zero," hoping to help reduce the negative impacts caused by these issues to people and the environment to zero. Additionally, Toyota is also looking "Beyond Zero" to create and provide greater value by continuing to diligently seek ways to improve lives and society for the future.

About Beyond Zero
Sustainable Development Goals

Toyota Motor Corporation works to develop and manufacture innovative, safe and high-quality products and services that create happiness by providing mobility for all. We believe that true achievement comes from supporting our customers, partners, employees, and the communities in which we operate. Since our founding over 80 years ago in 1937, we have applied our Guiding Principles in pursuit of a safer, greener and more inclusive society. Today, as we transform into a mobility company developing connected, automated, shared and electrified technologies, we also remain true to our Guiding Principles and many of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to help realize an ever-better world, where everyone is free to move.

SDGs Initiatives

SDGs goals that this project makes particular contribution to



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  • NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide) / ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)
    NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide) / ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)
  • NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide)
    NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept (Iron Oxide)
  • ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)
    ROV Concept (Iron Oxide)
  • Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing
    Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing
  • Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing
    Lexus/Pathfinder Air Racing