Toyota City―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION introduced two new small, midship-engine minivans today, the Estima Lucida and Estima Emina. Sales begin immediately nationwide.

Estima Lucida 2WD with Dual Moonroof
Estima Lucida 2WD with Dual Moonroof
Estima Emina 2WD with Dual Moonroof
Estima Emina 2WD with Dual Moonroof

The new models share the futuristic design and underfloor, midship-engine layout of the Toyota Estima, introduced in 1990, resulting in outstanding driving performance, a spacious cabin, and advanced styling.

Both models conform to small-car dimensions*, and a new diesel turbo engine has been introduced for greater fuel economy. Driver's side SRS airbags are optional on all models and a wide variety of grades are offered to meet diverse consumer needs and price ranges.

*Small-car body dimensions
Height = less than 2m, Length = 3.3m to 4.7m, Width = 1.4m to 1.7m
  1. Styling

    While inheriting the Estima's dynamic silhouette, both the Estima Lucida and the Estima Emina have their own unique front and rear designs.

    The front mask is distinguished by the fluid body and bumper lines, integrated head lamps, and innovative fender design.

    In the rear, horizontally lined combination lamps emphasize width and luxury.

  2. Power Train

    The engine models available are the new model 3C-T, a 2.2-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder, diesel turbo engine with intercooler (maximum output: 100ps/4,200rpm), and the popular 2TZ-FE, a 2.4-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder gasoline engine (maximum output: 135ps/5,000).

    To achieve both outstanding performance and greater cabin space, the two engine models are midship-mounted under the floor at a 75° incline, reducing engine height. For greater compactness, supplementary engine mechanisms such as the cooler fan and alternator are installed under the front hood and linked to the engine through a special drive shaft.

    Four-speed automatic electronically controlled transmission (ECT) and five-speed manual transmission are available.

    Full-time 4WD models mounting center limited-slip differential (LSD) with viscous coupling are also available.

    The five-speed manual transmission models with diesel turbo engines (model 3C-T) employ flywheels with a viscous torsional damper to reduce engine vibration and noise.

  3. Body and Chassis

    Body size has been kept small and easy-to-handle and extensive use of anti-corrosion plates has dramatically increased resistance to corrosion.

    The front suspension employs MacPherson struts and the rear uses a double-wishbone suspension with reduced height―or a four-link type suspension with lateral rods, depending on the grade―for a lower floor level in the rear. The optimum weight distribution from the midship engine layout increases maneuverability, driving stability, and riding comfort, while reducing yawing moment.

    For better stability and maneuverability on slippery surfaces, four-wheel ABS is available as an option in certain grades.

    A more natural steering feel has been achieved with the drooping-type power steering system.

  4. Cabin Space and Equipment

    The spacious cabin and level floor take advantage of the midship engine layout.

    In cabin design, all items from the instrument panel to trimmings have been streamlined for a smoother look and a quality finish.

    All models have three rows of seats: front, middle, and rear, and a variety of seat types is available, depending on grade.

    In the G grade (seven-passenger), two captain seats (single seats with armrests) which can rotate to face the rear are installed in the middle, creating a walk-through cabin from front to rear. Armrests and static-proof fabric on all seats offer even greater comfort.

    In the X and F (eight-passenger) grades the middle seats consist of a single-person and a two-person seat. Both seats can rotate 180° independently to face the rear, and all seats can recline to a full-flat position.

    In the S and D (eight-passenger) grades, a large and spacious split three-person bench seat has been installed in the middle, and all seats can recline to a full-flat position.

    The rear seats in all grades can be folded away to the side for greater luggage space.

    The following equipment is available as standard or optional depending on the grade
    • Estima Lucida (Emina) Live Sound System
      Nine speakers have been installed in the spacious cabin for concert-hall presence at every seat.
    • 5.7-Inch Liquid Crystal Color TV
      An LCD color TV suspended from the ceiling can be folded up so as not to obstruct passenger walk-through. A VTR adapter is also available.
    • Overhead Dual Air Conditioner
      An ultra-thin type with wide air outlet and cross-flow fan
    • Easy Back Door Closer with Pop-up Mechanism
      The back door closes automatically when pulled to the half-closed position. Also, a switch near the driver's side releases the lock mechanism on the back door for easy opening.
    • Electric Curtain
      A linear motor is used for switch-operated control of the curtain.
    • Clearance Sonar and Back Sonar
      Sensors on vehicle corners and the rear bumper warn the driver of nearby obstacles.
  5. Attention to Safety and Environment

    For excellent preventive safety, four wheel ABS (optional in certain grades), full-time four-wheel drive, and LED high-mount brake lights (standard or optional depending on grade), combine with the outstanding performance achieved by the innovative vehicle layout and the light, highly rigid body.

    For collision safety, large-facet side members have been adopted and pillars and members are connected with greater rigidity, strengthening the body. In addition, a driver's side SRS airbag is optional on all models, while side-door beams, three-point seat belts (a two-point seat belt for the middle rear seat), and a seat-belt warning lamp are standard on all models.

    Also, to promote recycling, leftover materials from the production phase are recycled and used again in resin parts. Furthermore, resin materials have been identified by code for easy sorting after the vehicle has been scrapped.

    The company expects monthly sales of the Estima Lucida to hit about 5,000 units through its Corolla dealer channel, and the Estima Emina to reach 2,500 units through its Toyota dealer channel.

the name Lucida comes from the English term "lucida," meaning the brightest star in a constellation, while the name Emina comes from the English word "eminent", meaning outstanding or unparalleled.)


  • Estima Lucida 2WD with Dual Moonroof
    Estima Lucida 2WD with Dual Moonroof
  • Estima Emina 2WD with Dual Moonroof
    Estima Emina 2WD with Dual Moonroof