• Alphard/Vellfire awarded FY2018 Grand Prix Award in preventive safety performance
  • Crown awarded FY2018 Grand Prix Award in collision safety performance

Toyota City, Japan, May 30, 2019―Toyota models Alphard/Vellfire, Crown, and Corolla Sport received the highest score of "ASV*1+++" in the FY2018 preventive safety performance assessment conducted by JNCAP*2. The Alphard/Vellfire received the Grand Prix Award in preventive safety performance after gaining the highest score in the assessment.

The Crown, Corolla Sport, and Camry received the highest rank of five stars in the JNCAP collision safety performance assessment for FY2018. The Crown received the Grand Prix Award in collision safety performance.

Alphard, Vellfire, Crown, Camry, Corolla Sport

JNCAP revises its testing methods and assessment standards meticulously, every year, taking into account actual traffic accidents that have occurred in Japan and the importance of establishing countermeasures.

JNCAP added the collision damage mitigation brake system that detects pedestrians at night in the list of items for assessment in its FY2018 preventive safety assessment, in consideration of the fact that, in Japan, pedestrian fatalities from road accidents frequently occur at night. The Alphard/Vellfire, Crown, and Corolla Sport equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense―a pre-collision safety system that detects pedestrians at night―received the highest rank of ASV+++ in JNCAP's assessment of preventive safety performance.

JNCAP revised its damage assessment criteria for the FY2018 collision safety assessment in accordance with the need to address the aging population, and adopted new crash test dummies that more accurately represent the human body. Against this backdrop, the above-mentioned cars equipped with a TNGA platform received five stars, the top ranking in the collision safety performance evaluation.

Though traffic accident fatalities and casualties have been decreasing year by year, tragic accidents continue to occur. While Toyota aims for the ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities, we are developing vehicles in consideration of various perspectives to do our utmost in reducing as many traffic accidents as possible. As part of these efforts, we are advancing and expanding the use of a preventive safety package called Toyota Safety Sense, utilizing connected technology, and developing automated driving. However, at this stage, we realize that there is still much work to be done in technology development toward achieving our ultimate goal.

With the development of safer cars, Toyota continues to promote educational activities for people, including holding awareness-raising activities at Toyota dealers that introduce customers to "Sapo-Toyo" (vehicles that support a safe and comfortable life with cars), and promoting maintenance of the traffic environment in an effort to provide customers with a safe and secure mobility society.

*1 ASVAdvanced Safety Vehicle
*2 Japan New Car Assessment Program: vehicle safety information provided by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and the National Agency for Automotive Safety and Victims' Aid since fiscal year 1995. The information comprises results of safety evaluations for domestically available vehicles based on tests including preventive safety performance tests, collision safety performance tests, and pedestrian protection performance tests. Results of the Preventive Safety Performance Assessment can be found at the following site: http://www.nasva.go.jp/mamoru/en/car_search


  • FY2018 JNCAP awarded vehicles
    FY2018 JNCAP awarded vehicles
  • Alphard
  • Vellfire
  • Crown
  • Camry
  • Corolla Sport
    Corolla Sport