CSR Basic Philosophy

Toyota is working on initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of society and the earth through all its business activities in cooperation with global society. At the root of these efforts are the Five Main Principles of Toyoda, passed down as the core of our corporate management, and the Guiding Principles, which summarize how we wish to define ourselves as a company.

Toyota's CSR policy is an interpretation of the Guiding Principles at Toyota (established in January 2005, revised in August 2008), focusing on relationships with stakeholders. Toyota aims to build a corporate group that is admired and trusted by society through ensuring that all employees, including those at consolidated subsidiaries, recognize and act on our sustainability policy. We also expect our business partners to embrace the spirit of our CSR policy and act in accordance with it.

  • CSR Structure
    CSR Structure
    Toyota identifies sustainability issues based on the importance for our business and the expectations of our stakeholders in order to be a trusted company.
  • Main Evaluations Concerning CSR
    Main Evaluations Concerning CSR
    Main sustainability indices.
  • CSR Achievement Data
    CSR Achievement Data
    CSR activity results for the past three years.
  • GRI Content Index
    GRI Content Index
    Table of comparison with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Stakeholder Engagement
    Toyota engages in stakeholder-oriented management and strives to maintain and develop sound relationships with stakeholders through open and fair communications.