• Create workplaces that ensure the physical and mental well-being of all people working at each Toyota location, providing a safe environment where everyone can work to their full potential.


  • Promoting health and safety initiatives for all on-site personnel including employees and contractors based on the following philosophy and policy
    • Health and safety philosophy
      Toyota Motor Corporation's Declaration of Health Commitment and the Basic Philosophy for Safety and Health.
    • Health and safety policy
      Health through mutual awareness-raising and the establishment and enhancement of a safety-focused work culture. This policy is expanded globally.

Philosophy for health and safety

The physical and mental health of our employees is the driving force behind our good performance, and our top management has announced, in Toyota Motor Corporation's Declaration of Health Commitment issued in 2017, that Toyota aims to become a health-first company.

With regard to safety, the message "Safe work is the gate to all work. Let us pass through this gate" has long been passed on as the basic philosophy for safety and health, and incorporates Toyota's strong desire for its employees to never be involved in occupational accidents.

Health and safety function policy

Aiming to develop human resources and workplaces capable of positively thinking and taking action to safeguard their health and safety, Toyota is promoting the instillation and deepening of its interactive health and safety culture. We are working, on a global scale, toward developing people to help them work in a lively manner and enhance their ability to predict risks, and also developing workplaces to help create a positive work environment friendly to every single worker.

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