• The quality of the work performed by each employee provides the foundation for the quality of our products and the quality of our sales and service. The combination of these three elements allows Toyota to provide products and services that our customers can use with confidence.


  • Individual employees involved in each process including development, purchasing, production, sales, and after-sales service, integrate quality into their work. Each process is linked with other processes to maintain the momentum of the quality assurance cycle.
Quality Assurance Cycle
  • Initiatives Based on the Quality Policy
    • Toyota formulates the code of conduct for globally common quality to maintain and enhance the confidence of the customers and discusses a proper response globally and in each region, with the aim of promoting solutions to quality issues and ensuring quality for new businesses and technologies.
    • The policy is also shared with affiliated group companies and suppliers to promote collaborative actions for ensuring quality.
    • Information about initiatives implemented under the policy is reported to senior management, including board of directors.
  • Quality Assurance Based on Toyota Quality Control Standards
    • Toyota establishes the rules, methods, and criteria necessary for controlling its manufacturing and business processes to enable Toyota to continuously provide the product performance and functions, as well as services, that Toyota aims to achieve.
    • Based on the global regulations, Toyota establishes its quality control standards at each production base that are suitable for the customers and environment of each region, and periodically checks and reviews the standards.

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