Stock Information

On which domestic and overseas stock exchanges is Toyota listed?
Toyota is listed on the following domestic and overseas stock exchanges.
Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo
Overseas: New York, London
What is Toyota's securities code in Japan?
The securities ticker symbol is 7203.
What are the ticker symbol used on the New York and London stock exchanges?
The New York Stock Exchange symbol is TM; the London Stock Exchange code is TYT.
When were Toyota shares first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
Toyota shares were first listed on the First Section of the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka stock exchanges in May 1949.
When were Toyota shares first listed on overseas stock exchanges?
Toyota shares were first listed on the New York and London stock exchanges in September 1999.
What are the details regarding dividends?

Information concerning dividend policies, changes in dividends, dividend payout confirmation dates, and payment methods can be found on the Dividends page.

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Financial Information

When is the end of Toyota's fiscal year?

The end of the fiscal year is March 31. Toyota also announces financial results every quarter.

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Where can I find information on the latest financial results?

The Financial Results page contains financial statements.

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Where can I find Integrated Reports / Annual Reports and other financial documents?

The reports and financial documents can be found on the IR Library page.

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About Toyota Kaikan Museum

Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance?
Visitors arriving by chartered bus must make reservations by online two weeks prior to their visit. Visitors arriving by other means such as car or public transportation do not need to make reservations in advance.
Is it possible to make tentative reservations?
No, it is not possible to make tentative reservations.
Are there rooms for giving babies milk?

Yes, there are. Please inquire at the reception area.

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Is there visitor parking?

Parking for cars
Yes, please use the multilevel free parking garage for 800 cars in front of the entrance to the Museum.

Parking for buses
Yes, there are free parking areas for buses in front of the Museum.
Reservations must be made two weeks in advance to use the bus parking area.

I would like a leaflet about the Toyota Kaikan Museum.
Can I take photographs?
Yes, photographs and video may be taken in the Museum except in Toyota Theater. However, persons wishing to take photographs for purposes such as media coverage must receive prior permission. Please contact us by telephone.
+81 565 29 3345
What is the difference between Toyota Kaikan Museum and the Toyota Automobile Museum and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology?

The Toyota Kaikan Museum is in Toyota City. It displays TOYOTA technology representative of its effort, especially in terms of the environment and safety, to act as a frontrunner to lead the way to the future of mobility (Toyota Global Vision 2011). The museum includes a new model showroom.

The Toyota Automobile Museum is east of Nagoya City, in Nagakute City. It displays the evolution of car technology & culture from the birth of gasoline-powered automobiles by displaying key models of many automakers from home and abroad.

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology is in Nagoya City, housed in the building that served as the Toyota group birthplace at the time it began mass production of looms. It introduces changing technology from weaving machines to automobiles and to robots.

Official site of each facility

How can we get to the Toyota Kaikan Museum?

Time required by taxi to reach the Toyota Kaikan Museum and approximate fare

  • From Nagoya Station
    approx. 60 min./13,000 yen
  • From Toyota-shi Station
    approx. 20 min./2,100 yen
  • From Tsuchihashi Station
    approx. 15 min./1,600 yen
  • From Mikawa-Toyota Station
    approx. 10 min./800 yen
Please refer to Address/directions.
I think I lost something during my visit.
Please contact the Toyota Kaikan Museum.
+81 565 29 3345

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