Toyota City, Japan, March 2, 2021―Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today that it plans to issue "Woven Planet Bonds" to raise funds for projects that contribute to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The maximum issuance amount is planned to be a combined total of approximately 500 billion yen of yen-denominated and foreign currency-denominated bonds.

The automobile industry is entering a once-in-a-century transformational period. Taking advantage of this opportunity, TMC is transforming itself from an automobile manufacturing company into a mobility company. Through its effort to evolve, TMC hopes to provide society with greater value and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through its business activities.

In addition to initiatives to solve social issues related to safety and the environment, TMC has been advancing initiatives for building a mobility society of the future. To raise funds necessary for such initiatives and accelerate its SDG initiatives, TMC plans to issue its Woven Planet Bonds.

TMC's Woven Planet initiatives represent the company's determination to move step by step toward the future in the Toyota Philosophy spirit of "doing things for someone other than ourselves", which TMC has safeguarded and nurtured since its founding, and the SDG spirit of "leaving no one behind".

The "Woven" of Woven Planet stems from the founding spirit that Sakichi Toyoda―Toyota Group's founder―had of "wanting to help his mother and others" when he invented the Toyoda automatic loom that led to the establishment of TMC. It also means to "weave" together the "streets" that are necessary to support the development and implementation of autonomous driving and mobility services. TMC will aim to create new services and products by connecting goods, information, and cities through software and connected technology centered on people.

Meanwhile, the "Planet" of Woven Planet comes from the ambition to leave a beautiful home for the next generation, which embodies the global perspective that Earth is our "home planet", similar to our hometown or home country, and the people that live on this planet contribute to the future. Instead of conflicts, if each individual were united with the simple idea of "wanting to use one's strength for others", TMC believes this would contribute to achievement of the SDGs.

Based on these ideas, TMC will continue to work on creating a better world, as envisioned by the SDGs and the international community.

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Outline of TMC's Woven Planet Bonds

  Yen-dominated bonds for individual investors Yen-denominated and foreign currency-denominated bonds for institutional investors
Form of issuance Bonds*1 for the purpose of allocating funds to TMC's wide range of SDG-related initiatives Sustainability bonds*2
Use of proceeds
  • For TMC's wide range of SDG-related initiatives
    ExampleCommunity development and verification testing of various advanced technologies in Woven City, a TMC initiative for the realization of a mobility society of the future
  • Research & development for the development/manufacturing of "advanced safety technology*3 and "advanced driving assistance technology*4 towards realizing zero casualties from traffic accidents, as well as provision of mobility opportunities for mobility-challenged people by developing and manufacturing assistive vehicles for the elderly and people with physical disabilities (Welcabs)
  • Reduction of vehicle CO2 emissions during driving by developing and manufacturing BEVs and FCEVs
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions at plants and offices through investments, expenditures, and funding related to renewable energy
Amount of issuance Maximum of 100 billion yen Maximum total of approximately 400 billion yen
*1 Bonds that are not sustainability bonds that comply with the Sustainability Bond Guidelines of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA)
*2 Bonds that comply with the Sustainability Bond Guidelines established by ICMA and limit the use of proceeds to projects that contribute to solving environmental and social issues
*3 Such as Toyota Safety Sense, which has packaged functions considered effective in reducing serious traffic accidents causing death or injury
*4 Developed towards a society where everyone including the elderly and people with disabilities are able to drive safely, smoothly, and freely based on TMC's original "Mobility Teammate Concept"