Today, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. notified the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) of a recall of PIXIS JOY vehicle models sold by Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota). Previously, Daihatsu had reported to MLIT that there was a possibility of non-compliance with standards, as a result of that investigation, Daihatsu determined that a recall is necessary and has notified MLIT.

  1. Vehicles Subject to Recall

Model Code Vehicle Name Chassis Numbers Containing Vehicles Subject to Recall Production Period Number of Vehicles Subject to Recall
PIXIS JOY LA250A-0000052―LA250A-0028620 August 31, 2016―June 9, 2023 28,324
LA260A-0000053―LA260A-0006375 August 31, 2016―June 9, 2023 6,270
The production period of vehicles subject to the recall is different from the date of vehicle purchase.

  1. Status of Defect

The power door lock on the driver's side door may activate during a collision due to insufficient verification of the door lock operation in the event of a side collision. As a result, all doors may become locked during a collision, requiring additional time to rescue occupants.

  1. Improvement Details

The driver's side door lock of all vehicles will be replaced with corrective parts, and the key operation method described in the owner's manual will be corrected. As it will take time to supply the corrective parts, provisional measures will be carried out for customers who request it to prevent the doors from locking during a collision. These measures will render the key unusable for operating the door lock and restrict it to remote control operation only. Customers will then be notified once corrective parts have been prepared for replacement.

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