Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that the RAV4L EV, equipped with high-performance nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, will be sold on a limited basis through Toyota Corolla dealerships in the Kanto, Tokai, and Kinki regions. Sales will begin on September 1, 1996, with an annual sales target of 100 units.

Toyota has always placed top priority on preserving the environment, and continues to work to solve environmental issues. Over the years, TMC has been actively promoting its EV technology through projects, including sales of the lead-acid battery-equipped Town Ace and leasing of the Crown Majesta EV, both starting in 1993. In August 1995, the RAV4L EV took overall first place in the first FIA-authorized Scandinavian Electric Car Rally. It has since been through a monitoring program with local governments and electric power companies in Japan and North America.

The RAV4L EV's batteries are positioned under the floor, increasing interior room to accommodate four adults comfortably and adding running stability thanks to its low center of gravity. In addition to standard dual SRS air bags, the new model has a heat-pump air conditioner and uses heat-absorbing, ultraviolet-ray-blocking glass for side and rear windows to achieve better performance, safety, and comfort. The RAV4L EV can travel approximately 200km on a single battery charge―more than enough range for urban use.


Main features

  1. The RAV4L EV is the first electric vehicle using compact, long-life, lightweight nickel-metal hydride batteries to enter the limited sales phase.
  2. The maximum range per battery charge has been enhanced by use of a highly efficient synchronous permanent-magnet motor and high-performance regenerative braking system.
  3. The RAV4L EV can receive a charge from ordinary household power sources, using its built-in charger, as well as from recharging stands.
  4. The heat-pump air conditioner's inverter control reduces power consumption and uses environment friendly HFC134a refrigerant.
  5. Passenger and driver comfort is enhanced by electro-hydraulic power steering, front seat heaters, and heat-absorbing, ultraviolet-ray-blocking glass in the side and rear windows.
  6. A heated windshield system keeps the windscreen glass from fogging.




  • RAV4L EV
    RAV4L EV