Nov. 15, 2016

Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Indonesia


Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Indonesia Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Indonesia
Nov. 15, 2016

Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Indonesia

The Corolla is my second partner

Antonny Yoseph
Age 57, Indonesia

I bought my Corolla Altis type G/AT in a Champagne color since 2001, at the Auto2000 dealer in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have been very surprised with the overall conditions of the car from the time I first bought it until the present moment. What is more surprising to me is that, there have been no huge issues with the car at all. Everything is still running smoothly and functioning as should be.

The mileage is currently about 103,000 km‎ with the fuel consumption of around 11 - 12 km per 1 liter for city use.

I have to confess that my Corolla is like a second partner to me. I adore it so much that my wife often teases me saying that I love the Corolla more than I love her, especially when she sees how panicked I get when I learnt that it got scratched.

I enjoy and love my Corolla. I have been a member of the Altis Indonesia Community (ALTIC) since 2015, with my 2001 Corolla. I am proud to be part of the Corolla’s long history, and be one of its enthusiasts.

The Corolla is the best! Congratulations to the 50th anniversary of the Corolla.

Antonny Yoseph

The Corolla Even Appears in My Dreams

Rizky Adrianto
Age 34, Indonesia

My name is Rizky, and I work as a contractor for properties. I once had a Corolla back in the early years, but afterwards, I bought a Toyota MPV. However, my heart still belonged to the Corolla. I still dreamed of it, and I still longed for it. In the end, I chose to sell my new MPV and decided to buy another Corolla!

In 2012, I finally bought my 1993 Corolla 1.6 SEG A/T. I instantly fell in love with all of the Corolla’s features. So in love, that I sometimes cannot sleep in a peace when my Corolla has any minor problems, or needs to be repaired. I found the comfortability of the Corolla to be totally amazing. The fuel efficiency is also satisfying during an urban drive.

I drove my Corolla from Jakarta to Jogjakarta, and it was a great journey, as my Corolla was super comfortable. For the next year, I am planning to drive in my Corolla to Bali.

We have never had any major problems, and definitely, I don’t have any plans to switch to a different car.

Rizky Adrianto

The Best Birthday Gift from My Father

Radityo Kusumo Santoso
Age 29, Indonesia

I am one of the lecturers in the Secretary Diploma course, at Indonesia University.

The first time I met the Corolla was when my father drove his office car to our home when I was a kid. This was very a memorable moment to me.

When I was 15 years old, my father bought his own Corolla. It was the most comfortable vehicle in my opinion. The love for the Corolla has stayed within our family ever since.

In 2002, my father bought me the latest Corolla Altis 1.8L G A/T as my birthday present, which was the best birthday gift ever in my life! From that day on, my Corolla Altis has become a part of my life. With each following year, my family and friends - knowing how important the car is to me – started gifting birthday surprises to me inside of my Corolla Altis. I’m always with my beloved Corolla Altis on my birthday.

I chose the Corolla because of its elegance, fabulous engine, comfortability, as well as the good fuel efficiency. I have been very impressed with the car’s performance and features.

Since 2002, the Corolla has been my partner on my various journeys.

Once I went on a journey from Jakarta to Batu Raden with my Corolla Altis, and it was a great experience.

Congratulations on your anniversary, here’s to your success in your 50-year history, Corolla!

Radityo Kusumo Santoso

The Corolla Enthusiast with his 7 Beloved Buddies

Danang Sriwibowo
Age 39, Indonesia

I work as a security consultant. I am a Corolla lover, or maybe I can say I am a Corolla Enthusiast, for I have 7 Corollas in my possession right now.

I got my 1st Corolla 1995 1.6L SEG Manual from my father-in-law in 2005 after I married my wife. Ever since then, it’s has been an endless love. What’s started can never be stopped.

In 2008, I bought my 2nd Corolla 1995 1.6L SEG A/T. I chose the Corolla for its durability, comfortability, and fuel efficiency. I bought my 3rd Corolla 1994 1.6L GT Manual to complete my collection in 2010. Then, in 2011, I got my 4th Corolla 1996 1.6L SEG A/T came to my garage.

After having 4 Corollas, my desire to be even more enthusiastic about the Corolla has grown even more.

In 2013, I bought my 5th Corolla 1992 1.6L SEG Manual, this time I customized it for racing. As one was not enough for racing, in 2014, I bought my 6th Corolla, Corolla 1996 1.6L SEG Manual as my second racing car.

And the latest addition to my family of Corollas is the 1996 1.5L Corolla Station Wagon.

To me, the comfort and spaciousness of the Corolla is unbeatable. I also love the performance and the Corolla’s fuel efficiency. The acceleration is great. I am proud of being part of the Corolla family. I hope my 8th Corolla will come to my garage soon!

As a member of Corolla Owners Club of Indonesia (COC Indonesia), I want to say, "Happy 50th Anniversary, Corolla!"

Danang Sriwibowo