Nov. 10, 2016

Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Philippine, Vietnam, and Pakistan


Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Philippine, Vietnam, and Pakistan Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Philippine, Vietnam, and Pakistan
Nov. 10, 2016

Corollas Worldwide: "my Corolla story" from Philippine, Vietnam, and Pakistan

The Corolla that strengthened my relationship with my Dad

Stephen Joshua Pelayo
Age 27, Philippines

This 1973 TE27 Corolla was kept and restored by my Dad, and it is one of his favorite cars in the country as it reminds him of his teenage days. I also like the styling as well as the reliability of the car. In addition, I like it because I am able to repair the car with just some quick “do it yourself” fixes. My relationship with my Dad became stronger thanks to this car, and that’s what I love most about the car. We enjoyed going on Sunday fun-runs together, with him sharing stories about this car with me when he was still a kid, teaching me the basics of how to maintain a car—our relationship became stronger as we were able to spend time together with this car. Now, I can say that the phrase “like father, like son” is 100% true. And this is also the reason why I used this car to be part of my prenuptial shoot with the soon to be my wife-- like this Corolla became a symbol of my Dad’s youthful days!

Stephen Joshua Pelayo

From the “family workhorse” to the “winning underdog in motorsports”

Gav Quintos
Age 28, Philippines

Ever since my younger days, the 1991 EE90 Corolla has been my dream car. My Corolla, also known to many as “Lulu”, has been the family workhorse for more than 20 years. Ever since then, the very reliable 2E engine has performed well to give the same power and fuel efficiency. Currently, my EE90 has been taken to the next level. It has been transformed into an underdog track and motorsports machine. I upgraded its chassis and suspension components, but have still retained the stock 1300 2E engine without any modifications. I have enjoyed being an "Underdog" at the race track, and beating other high-power cars. It is very fulfilling! This is how I love my 1991 Corolla, a car with which I can challenge limits, and also to fulfill my desire and passion for motorsports.

Gav Quintos Gav Quintos

The Corolla, or “Je T’aime”, who knows me best

Uzzi Asuncion
Age 29, Philippines

Ever since I was a child, my father kept on saying that the most reliable brand is Toyota. He eventually bought an AE101 Corolla back in 1994. Being our only car at that time, it was our workhorse on every trip. Long provincial drives or knee-deep floods, whatever you name it, the Corolla survived.

Finally in 2004 when I got my driver’s license, I inherited the Corolla and named it “Je T’aime” (meaning “I love you” in French). I made her new again by replacing its wheels, lights, and upholstery, and by painting the body. I even upgraded its engine to a stronger 4AGZ engine. My car grew alongside with me and had never let me down. In fact, I can even argue that it’s probably this car that “knows me” best, as I spent a lot of years with it.

22 years later, I have found myself still loving Toyota vehicles, and “Je T’aime” is still as swift as a cat.

Uzzi Asuncion Uzzi Asuncion

The Corolla Altis which I founded a fan club for

Phung Van Duc
Age 27, Vietnam

As a young man, I like sports, in particular tennis, as well as picnicking with my friends and family. I chose the Corolla Altis because of its elegance, dynamic exterior, safety, as well as sporty performance. I drove this Corolla Altis with 5 family members on a 200 km journey, and I could say that it was a wonderful experience. A spacious interior makes it very comfortable to ride in the car, given that it is not stuffy as my previous car was, and thanks to its improved CVT, which provides optimal driving force, we can drive the Corolla Altis very safely on sloping and zigzag mountain paths. The Corolla Altis has inspired me to do a lot of things, one of which is to create a Corolla Altis Fan Club in 2014 in Vietnam!

Phung Van Duc

Satisfied with the Corolla Altis after driving 4 different cars

Tran Quy Cong
Age 45, Vietnam

I decided to own a Corolla Altis - the new revolutionary generation 2014. This came after driving 4 cars of different brands for a long time, and I found that the price of the Corolla Altis was reasonable. The fuel efficiency of the car is also good, and I feel that I could drive smoothly with almost no trouble. The most important thing is that after 2 years (20,000km), it still looks and performs like a brand-new car. This makes me very happy and satisfied with a choice I made.

Tran Quy Cong Tran Quy Cong

Junaid Zia, Pakistan

Enjoying snow fall in Murree in 1997 with my family. We still have this car after 20 years, which is evidence of our loyalty and love for Toyota!

Junaid Zia

Amm Kay, Pakistan

Our new Corolla gave baby a ride on the first day of school.

Amm Kay

Hataf Zulfiqar, Pakistan

Be strong like a soldier, be like the Corolla.

Hataf Zulfiqar