A Famous Basketball Shooting Coach Collaborates with CUE6 for the First Time!

In January of this year, Chris Matthews, a famous coach who teaches numerous NBA players how to shoot, contacted CUE's project leader, Nomi, and asked to meet with CUE.

Those who watched the long shot by CUE5 at halftime of the 2021 Summer Olympic Games showed the clip to Chris on social media. Chris also wanted to play with CUE, so he contacted Nomi.

Chris is an influential Instagrammer with the name "Lethal Shooter," and is also involved in promoting basketball in the U.S. and other countries, such as by engaging in highly successful shooting performances and the development of his own unique basketball goal.

The CUE project started in 2017 as an off-hour's activity, and with the help of various people and connections, the support for the project is now spreading around the world. We will continue to challenge new things at CUE and hope you will continue to enjoy CUE's growth in the future.

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