Due to parts shortage, adjustments will be made to production operations of plants for completed vehicles in Japan as follows.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers and suppliers and people in those regions, due to these changes.

June: Production suspension for three production lines at two plants (Among a total of 29 lines at 14 plants)

Plant Period of production suspension (June) Production Vehicle (Only vehicles which affect delivery to customers)
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. (TMEJ)
Iwate Plant
Production line #1 7 (Mon), 8 (Tue), 9 (Wed), 10 (Thu), 11 (Fri), 14 (Mon), 21 (Mon), 22 (Tue) C-HR
Production line #2 9 (Wed), 10 (Thu), 11 (Fri), 14 (Mon), 15 (Tue) Yaris, Yaris Cross
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. (TMEJ)
Miyagi Ohira Plant
- 9 (Wed), 10 (Thu), 11 (Fri) Yaris Cross

All of the above lines operate at two shifts.