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Financial Highlights & Financial Performance

Toyota Times

Toyota Times
Toyota Times offers a unique, unprecedented inside view of Toyota not seen before. Through this site, Toyota shows how it is transforming into a mobility company and shares the thoughts of its top leadership, including Akio Toyoda. Join us for this behind-the-scenes view of Toyota.

Cautionary Statement with Respect to Forward-Looking Statements

This website contains forward-looking statements that reflect Toyota's plans and expectations. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause Toyota's actual results, performance, achievements or financial position to be materially different from any future results, performance, achievements, or financial position expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to

  1. changes in economic conditions, market demand, and the competitive environment affecting the automotive markets in Japan, North America, Europe, Asia, and other markets in which Toyota operates;
  2. fluctuations in currency exchange rates, particularly with respect to the value of the Japanese yen, the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Australian dollar, the Russian ruble, the Canadian dollar, and the British pound, fluctuations in stock prices, and interest rates fluctuations;
  3. changes in funding environment in financial markets and increased competition in the financial services industry;
  4. Toyota's ability to market and distribute effectively;
  5. Toyota's ability to realize production efficiencies and to implement capital expenditures at the levels and times planned by management;
  6. changes in the laws, regulations, and government policies in the markets in which Toyota operates that affect Toyota's automotive operations, particularly laws, regulations, and government policies relating to vehicle safety including remedial measures such as recalls, trade, environmental protection, vehicle emissions and vehicle fuel economy, as well as changes in laws, regulations, and government policies that affect Toyota's other operations, including the outcome of current and future litigation and other legal proceedings, government proceedings, and investigations;
  7. political and economic instability in the markets in which Toyota operates;
  8. Toyota's ability to timely develop and achieve market acceptance of new products that meet customer demand;
  9. any damage to Toyota's brand image;
  10. Toyota's reliance on various suppliers for the provision of supplies;
  11. increases in prices of raw materials;
  12. Toyota's reliance on various digital and information technologies;
  13. fuel shortages or interruptions in electricity, transportation systems, labor strikes, work stoppages or other interruptions to, or difficulties in, the employment of labor in the major markets where Toyota purchases materials, components and supplies for the production of its products or where its products are produced, distributed, or sold; and
  14. the impact of natural calamities including the negative effect on Toyota's vehicle production and sales.

A discussion of these and other factors which may affect Toyota's actual results, performance, achievements, or financial position is contained in Toyota's annual report on Form 20-F, which is on file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

The information on this website is provided for informational purposes and should not be construed as a solicitation of an investment in our securities.

You should rely on your own independent examination of us before investing in any securities issued by our company.

Caution Concerning Insider Trading

Under Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Laws (the "Exchange Law"), subject to certain exceptions, any person who receives certain material information relating to the business, etc., of Toyota which may be contained in this document is prohibited from trading in Toyota's shares or certain other transactions related to such shares (as set forth in the Exchange Law) until such material information is deemed to be made public.

Under the Exchange Law, material information is deemed to be made public when (i) such material information is disclosed by ways of electromagnetic means as prescribed by the ordinance of the Cabinet Office (posting on the TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) information service and ED-NET (Electronic Disclosure Network) information service) or (ii) twelve (12) hours have elapsed since a listed company, such as Toyota, disclosed such material information to at least two (2) media sources as prescribed by the Exchange Law.