Aiming to popularize BEVs

To prepare BEVs that will be chosen by Toyota's customers and, thus, can contribute to the popularization of BEVs, there are many things that need to be done, such as developing vehicles, improving the stable supply and durability of batteries, and putting in place measures for the reuse of used batteries.

Toward such, Toyota is steadily promoting the creation of necessary structures, such as by constructing a new business model.

With a view toward contributing to making society better, Toyota wants to, more than ever before, extensively and openly invite partners and to accelerate its initiatives, working together with many people who share its aspirations.

Transitioning from an automobile company to a mobility company

Toyota will transition from being a car company to being a mobility company, and it wants to become a company that provides freedom of mobility for all.

From the perspective of our home planet, Toyota wants to contribute to the expansion of the popularization of electrified vehicles on a global scale, in other words, contribute to the solving of environmental issues, such as by reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution.