I believe that our mission is to provide goods and services that make people throughout the world happy,or,in other words,to mass produce happiness.To achieve this,I believe it is necessary to cultivate Toyota people around the world who have a you perspective,and who can pray for and take action for the happiness of those other than themselves.I view this as also being a part of earnestly engaging in the sustainable development goals, or SDGs,for which international society is aiming for,with

Sustainability Fundamental Approach

Ever since its founding, Toyota has been operating its business while seeking to contribute to a more prosperous society through the manufacturing of automobiles.
At the root of its business activities always lie the Five Main Principles of Toyoda, which embody the thinking of the founder, Sakichi Toyoda.
The Five Main Principles of Toyoda, which proclaim the idea of conducting business activities for the country and society, have formed the basis for every Toyota Group company's corporate principles and conduct guidelines for employees.

Today, Toyota is entering a once-in-a-century transformational period, and is transforming itself into a mobility company that will provide all kinds of services related to people's mobility.
To boldly accelerate this transformation, Toyota has defined the Toyota Philosophy based on the main principles of Toyoda to look back on its history and use it as the signpost for the future.
Our mission is "Producing Happiness for All." To make people's lives and society better, we will be ahead of the times to work on research and innovation. Through technology, we aim to realize the convenience and happiness of the future and pass them on to all people in a manner that they can access.
To this end, we develop human resources with a "YOU Perspective," who take action in the hope of bringing happiness to someone other than themselves.
We believe that the Toyota Philosophy, which begins with the Five Main Principles of Toyoda, is in line with the spirit of the SDGs that aim to create a world in which "Leave no one behind" is realized, and will become guidelines for the environment, society, governance and other important initiatives.

Toyota will continue to contribute to the earth's sustainability and societal development through business activities in cooperation with the global society.

Toyota Philosophy

Toyota Philosophy

Toyota's founding spirit and its signpost in transition to a mobility company.

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Toyota Philosophy

ESG and SDGs

In keeping pace with the rising expectations of stakeholders, Toyota is committed to actively promoting ESG initiatives.

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    Environmental Initiatives
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    Social Initiatives
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  • SDGs Initiatives
    SDGs Initiatives
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