Hilux Milestones
Year Date Milestone
1968 March 21 Hilux (RN10) Launched
N/A Hilux Introduced in Australia
December Hilux Introduced in Saudi Arabia
1969 June Hilux Introduced in US
1970 January Hilux Assembly Commenced in South Africa
March Hilux Introduced in Canada
1972 N/A Hilux 2nd Gen Introduced
January Hilux Truck Bed Assembly Agreement Signed with Atlas Fabricators in US; Contract Production Commenced
1975 September Hilux Body Production Commenced in Thailand
1978 September Hilux 3rd Gen Introduced
November First Middle East Sales Campaign Conducted for 1979 Model Hilux
December Cumulative Exports of Toyota Hi-Lux Pass Million Mark
1979 December Toyota Adds Diesel Model to Hi-Lux Series
1980 February Muhammad Ali Hired for Hilux Sales Campaign in Saudi Arabia
1983 March Hilux Assembly Commenced by Rover Zambia
November Hilux 4th Gen Introduced
1984 May Toyota Adds Multi-purpose 4WD "Surf" to Hi-Lux Series
1985 December Hilux Assembly Commenced in Peru
1986 June Cumulative Production of Toyota Hilux Reaches Four Million
1987 June Hilux Joint Production Memorandum Concluded with VW
1988 September Hilux 5th Gen Introduced
1989 January Pickup Truck Production Begins at VW Hanover Plant
April NUMMI Chosen for Toyota Truck Production
May Full Model Change of Hilux Surf Inrtoduced
1991 June Hilux Production Terminated; Plant Operations Suspended in Peru
1992 October CBU Import of Hilux, Corolla, Hilux SW4, and Camry Vehicles Commenced in Brazil
1995 December All-new Toyota Hilux Surf on Sale in Japan
1996 January Export of Hilux Parts to TMS Commenced in Brazil
1997 February Hilux Production by VW Discontinued
March Plant Operations, Hilux Production Commenced in Argentina
April Export of Hilux from Argentina to Brazil Commenced
September Hilux 6th Gen Introduced
N/A Import of Argentinian-made Hilux Commenced in Brazil
1998 October Hilux Exports to Australia Commenced in Thailand
2001 N/A Hilux Export Destinations Added (e.g., Chile, Peru)
2002 October 7 New Hilux Surf and New Land Cruiser Prado Launched
2003 October Export of Hilux from Argentina to Mexico Commenced
2004 August Hilux 7th Generation (Hilux Vigo) Production and Launching Commenced in Thailand
2005 January IMV Project Launched in Argentina
February 28 Production of New Hilux Pickup Truck, an IMV Series Model, Commenced at TASA in Argentina
March 18 Line-off Ceremony for Hilux Held at ASSB in Malaysia
April Production of Hilux in South Africa Commenced
July Export of South African-manufactured Hilux to Other African Countries and Europe Commenced; Strategy Shifted to Bolstering Competitiveness Through Decreasing Number of Production Vehicles and Increasing Production Volume
New Hilux Assembly Commenced as Part of Toyota's IMV Project in Venezuela
September 27 IMV Series Hilux at TDV in Venezuela Launched
October IMV Manufactured in South Africa Introduced in Europe
2006 N/A Argentinian-made New Hilux (IMV) Imported and Sold in Mexico
2015 May Hilux 8th Generation World Premiere in Thailand
2017 September Toyota Reintroduces Hilux into Japanese Market After 13-year Hiatus
2018 March Toyota Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Hilux
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