Toyota Launches All-New Crown Sport-type PHEV model in Japan

Toyota City, Japan, December 19, 2023―Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will commence sales of its all-new Crown Sport Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) model in Japan today.

SPORT RS (2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Model) (Model with options shown)
SPORT RS (2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Model) (Model with options shown)

A new addition to the Crown line-up, the Sport PHEV model is designed to enhance its fun, sporty driving experience. While retaining a beautiful design that resonates with the senses, the Sport PHEV model promises drivers a sportier feel incorporating exclusive equipment enabling drivers to more fully experience the joy of driving. Furthermore, fitted with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, the PHEV delivers a BEV-mode cruising range suitable for everyday use, thereby combining the joy of driving with superb environmental performance.

Alongside the Crown Crossover HEV, Sport HEV, Sedan HEV, and FCEV models, through the all-new Sport PHEV, Toyota provides customers with an important range of options as it continues its path of decarbonization. Going forward, Toyota intends to continue its multi-pathway approach, promoting the widespread uptake of electrified vehicles by expanding its line-up to cater to diverse needs, and contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

Vehicle outline

  1. The characteristically fun driving experience of a PHEV

2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid System

  • Equipped with a high-output density drive motor, the Sport PHEV reaches a maximum system output*1 of 225kW (306PS) and, by fully utilizing the motor, achieves seamless and powerful acceleration.
  • A large-capacity lithium-ion battery has been positioned beneath the floor in the center of the vehicle. It provides a BEV-mode cruising range suitable for everyday use without compromising on interior space, which enables operation in BEV mode for most everyday driving situations. A fully charged battery delivers a BEV-mode driving range of 90 kilometers*2 and a hybrid-mode fuel economy of 20.3km/L*3. With a gasoline tank capacity of 55L, the PHEV boasts a total cruising range of 1,200 kilometers or more*4.
2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid System
2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid System

High-performance Technologies

  • Thanks to an E-Four electric 4WD system, the power produced by the plug-in hybrid system is fully distributed between all four wheels. In addition to achieving superior driving stability, it also has enhanced the sense of stability even when cornering or driving in snow or rain.
  • The Crown Sport PHEV model is based on the Sport Z grade, HEV model, but features added braces to the floor tunnel to ensure an optimal balance of body rigidity. The friction and damping force characteristics of the front and rear shock absorbers have also been optimized. In addition, by controlling the damping force of the shock absorbers independently for each wheel in response to road surface conditions and driver input, the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)*5 system delivers a smooth, even, and planted ride.
  • Paddle shifters allow the driver to carry out smooth gear shifts with minimal hand movements.
  • The front wheels are fitted with 20-inch ventilated disc brakes, with the braking force delivered by exclusive 20-inch aluminum opposing six-piston calipers. Both front and rear brake calipers are colored red for a braking set-up that combines improved stopping performance with a sporty exterior.
*1 System output provided by the engine and lithium-ion battery (Toyota Motor Corporation calculation)
*2 Driving distance in WLTC mode while using battery charge. As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The engine will disable BEV driving irrespective of the remaining battery power under a certain state of the engine or drive battery, air conditioner use, or driving style (exceeding the prescribed speed).
*3 As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. WLTC mode (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) is an internationally recognized test cycle and is based on average usage ratios for urban, suburban, and highway driving.
*4 Estimation calculated based on MLIT evaluation value (WLTC mode). For example, a BEV driving distance of 90 kilometers + (hybrid fuel consumption 20.3km/L X fuel tank capacity 55 liter) = 1,206 kilometers
*5 Adaptive Variable Suspension

  1. The characteristic convenience of a PHEV

Power generation and supply

  • The Sport PHEV model comes with a "My Room Mode" that lets users enjoy air conditioning and audio systems from the external power source by turning the power switch on during normal charging. Creating a comfortable interior space without running the engine, this feature turns the car interior into an additional room that can be used for teleworking, rest, or any other activities.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a maximum 1,500W (AC 100V) external power supply function as standard―useful during blackouts and other emergencies, as well as for outdoor leisure activities. In addition to an accessory electrical socket in the luggage compartment and in the rear end of the center console box, the Sport PHEV model comes with a vehicle power connector that, when plugged into the vehicle's charging inlet, functions as an external power socket providing 1,500W (AC 100V).
  • The vehicle is equipped with both standard charging and rapid charging functions. The rapid charging function is capable of charging the battery to approximately 80% of its full capacity*6 in approximately 38 minutes, providing significant time savings over standard charging with the 200V charging cable.
  • The vehicle is also equipped with Vehicle to Home (V2H)*7, a system that allows electricity stored in the vehicle battery to be supplied to the home, enabling the vehicle to be used as a reliable storage battery during blackouts and other times of emergency. By setting the rapid charging inlet to external supply function-mode (V2H-mode)*8 and subsequently connecting the V2H device (sold separately), the electricity stored in the drive battery can be used as household electricity. Surplus electricity generated via household solar power generators can be used to charge the vehicle's drive battery to achieve a seamless supply and demand of electricity.
  • The vehicle comes with both a BEV external power supply mode, which enables electricity stored in the battery to be used to supply external power for outdoor, leisure, and other activities, and an HEV external power supply mode, which enables the car to be used as a power supply during blackouts, disasters, and other emergencies. In the HEV external power supply mode, electricity is supplied from the battery only until the remaining power falls to a set level, after which the engine starts to supply electricity. With a full battery charge and a full tank of gas, this system can provide enough electricity for about 6.5 days of use*9. It also comes with an external electric power supply attachment as standard so that an external power supply is possible with the door windows closed to prevent rain and insects from getting in the car when in use.
*6 According to in-house measurements, when charged using a rapid charging station with an output of 50kW or higher and a maximum rated output current of 125A. Charging times can vary according to the amount of remaining battery charge, battery and ambient temperatures, and the specifications of the connected power source or charging stand.
*7 V2HVehicle to Home
*8 The V2H Device, sold separately, is required to transform DC electricity drawn from the rapid charging inlet (fitted with an external V2H power supply function) into AC electricity for household use.
*9 Calculated from daily power consumption of 10kWh (400W per hour) for an average household.

  1. Sporty Credentials Underlined by PHEV-specific Equipment

Exterior design

  • The beauty of the Sport PHEV begins from the ground-up, with the use of 21-inch, large-diameter, wide tires and exclusive black aluminum wheels. The use of distinctive triple spokes and thin layered spokes underscore the vehicle's sporty and luxurious feel.

Interior design

  • The interior of the Sport PHEV features a gorgeous black and sensual red asymmetrical color scheme for the driver's seat and front passenger seat. This color scheme adds excitement to the driving experience and accentuates the individuality and sportiness of the vehicle. In addition, the combination of the interior fabric with newly developed luminous material has achieved both strong shading and vivid coloration. In addition, the front and rear seatbelts also feature red.
  • The vehicle is fitted with sports seats that firmly support the driver and which feature red stitching to enhance the thrill of driving.
  • SPORT RS (2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Model)
  • SPORT RS (2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Model)
SPORT RS (2.5-liter Series Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Model)

Sales Outline

Base sales volume for Japan
300 units per month

Production Plant

Tsutsumi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices

Grade Powertrain Driveline Price* (JPY)
SPORT RS Series Parallel Hybrid with reduction gear (A25A-FXS 2.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine) E-Four 7,650,000
* Includes consumption tax; Prices may vary in different regions; recycling and other fees are payable separately.

Link to the "Crown (Sport type)" webpage (Japanese only)

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As part of efforts to pass our beautiful "Home Planet" to the next generation, Toyota has identified and is helping to solve issues faced by individuals and overall society, which Toyota calls "Achieving Zero," hoping to help reduce the negative impacts caused by these issues to people and the environment to zero. Additionally, Toyota is also looking "Beyond Zero" to create and provide greater value by continuing to diligently seek ways to improve lives and society for the future.

About Beyond Zero
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Toyota Motor Corporation works to develop and manufacture innovative, safe and high-quality products and services that create happiness by providing mobility for all. We believe that true achievement comes from supporting our customers, partners, employees, and the communities in which we operate. Since our founding over 80 years ago in 1937, we have applied our Guiding Principles in pursuit of a safer, greener and more inclusive society. Today, as we transform into a mobility company developing connected, automated, shared and electrified technologies, we also remain true to our Guiding Principles and many of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to help realize an ever-better world, where everyone is free to move.

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